Expats forgotten

Dear Editor,

Like many, I was pleased to read about the success of the Algarve’s food bank appeal, but Sr. Adriano Pimpão is reported as saying “a large movement of solidarity by the Portuguese people.”

Hang on, I thought a lot of non-Portuguese, e.g. expats etc. contributed as well.

What did he mean? Is it another example of expats being forgotten? Yet your pages are full of  appeals, of Portuguese charities who could not survive without expats generosity.

Last night, we went to a packed event at Lagoa, in aid of the Lagoa Bombeiros and Wednesday, Saturday etc. Let’s be fair, realise we are all part of the Algarve, not forgotten; in tourism, voting, and what is so generously done, Perhaps you will ask Sr. Pimpão to respond? 

Last week, you also reported the UK Ambassador’s final party here. Do the VIPs realise the benefits of expats/tourists?

And why were the VIPs there, rather than the people the Ambassador and consuls represent; or better still, representatives of hard working charities. A bean feast for so called VIPs instead.

The Presidente of Loulé is kindly giving out Christmas hampers to the needy. Well done, but only to Portuguese? Yet I would guess that in all areas there are needy others, elderly who are isolated, alone now a partner has died, lost as time goes on; forgotten and poor in the economic climate, government cuts which affect the poor more than the rich.

Yes, they exist in the UK, Germany etc; but in the Algarve, just how do we meet their needs?