Event Manager Liv Spens (left), and founder Ria van Doorn

Expat Centre Portugal helping foreign residents find their new “local tribe”

It’s November, time to go out and explore fun activities that do not only include beach or golf. For those of you who are looking for something different, the Expat Centre Portugal has been launched to “help international people who live and may also work in the Algarve to build connections and friendships through social meetups and events”.

Its main objective is to help both newcomers and long-term residents feel more “at home” in the Algarve with an increased sense of belonging.

The Expat Centre Portugal website will show a variety of events (cultural, social and artistic) while also motivating people to participate in them so that they expand their network and become part of the community.

Founder Ria van Doorn has lived and worked in the Algarve for 10 years. Being a long-term expat herself and working as a life coach with international people has allowed her to understand “expat needs”.

Event Manager Liv Spens has just arrived from the UK this year and is still discovering how it is to live in Portugal but is already “excited for this new chapter” in her life. Her contribution to this initiative is to help new-comers go through the learning curves of moving countries with more ease.

“We’ll be having Coffee and Conversation for Expats meetups a few times a month in Loulé, starting on November 6 at Café Calcinha and on November 20 at Bean17 at 10.30am. We will also have walking tours of Faro and Loulé, starting on November 14 – perfect for you to see these towns in a new light or a fun excursion for when you have guests,” said Ria van Doorn.

Last but not least, learning the language truly helps integration, said the Expat Centre founders, who are organising classes for beginners every Monday from November 11.

“This is a new venture, so please join us at our events and visit the website regularly for our weekly updates. Alternatively, join our Facebook group to start connecting immediately. We take delight in meeting new individuals and help them adjust to their new situation or to connect with others, that is why we created this platform for expats who long to feel at home,” concluded van Doorn.

expatcentre.pt@gmail.com | www.expatcentreportugal.com

Facebook: Expat Centre Portugal