“Executed in the Serra” near São Brás de Alportel
The area of Fonte Férrea is a well known beauty spot, with walking trails

“Executed in the Serra” near São Brás de Alportel

Former Hells Angel ‘Rui Gordo’ discovered shot in head, with knife wounds to throat

Everything points to “an execution” over what police term “a settling of scores”.

Last weekend saw the grim discovery of what at first was billed as the body of a “man aged around 30” next to a dirt track in the area of Fonte Férrea, São Brás de Alportel.

Due to the nature of the injuries, PJ police were called – and the story has developed fairly dramatically.

‘Rui Gordo’ was in fact 35. He was one of the 89 Hells Angels charged following a massive police swoop in the Algarve and other locations in 2018.

Indeed, he was still facing trial for four attempted murders and crimes of ‘adhesion to a criminal association, robbery, assault and criminal damage, says tabloid Correio da Manhã.

He was one of many defendants in this long, drawn-out prosecution who had spent time in preventive custody, and then under house arrest.

According to the paper, Gordo (also known as ‘Max Silva’) had been ‘actively sought by police’ for about a week. 

“He was under house arrest in a new process for theft and robberies, unrelated to the Hells Angels case. His electronic tag had stopped giving a signal. 

“Either ‘Rui Gordo’ cut it off in order to escape, or someone else cut it off before taking him into the Serra (hills) and killing him…” says the paper.

This is what PJ police will now be trying to work out, along with the identity of whoever it may have been who wanted ‘Rui Gordo’ dead.

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