Exciting live music venue for Silves

THE GARDEN was dressed and lit for the occasion. The elaborate lighting not only dramatised the stage, it accentuated the informal seating arrangement under the trees and, above all, illuminated the surrounding dusky brown fort walls and darkened the star filled night sky – adding a dimension to the aesthetics to supply that wow factor.

Where is this fantastic outdoor venue, just ideal for a summer night of hot entertainment?

Well, this new venue in Silves is the secret garden of the celebrated Café Inglês. The occasion was the inauguration of Tenda Marrakesh, the latest extension to the already established live music haunt in the Algarve. This brand new, open-air music joint was opened in true Café Inglês tradition, with a special concert by Mylene unplugged. Her plaintiff, solitary, low level diffused timbre gives her delivery of mainly original Brazilian and Afro-Arabic material an original quality.

Mylene’s music is steeped in Brazilian soul, as is her voice – an evocation of the early Astrid Gilberto. Her stage presence, put simply, is just an expressive and pleasing sight. She was very skilfully assisted by Marcelo, an excellent acoustic guitar player in the Latin style, and Vitor on bass guitar and rhythm acoustic guitar. The anchor of the band was a mixture of drums and a mixing desk ably provided by Erico Theobalde.

The next exciting gig at Café Inglês is tonight (Friday) at 10pm, featuring a Swiss performance project entitled “Zappatronix”, a concoction of instrumental, percussion and visuals – definitely one for the young ones.

Watch this space for details of further dates and featured international artists with bands varying from Jazz Funk to Latin Jazz and from Classical String Quartets to Madrigals. Contributed