Renewing a Portuguese driving licence

Exchange of driving license for a Portuguese one

Dear Editor,

I read with interest Kristina Griffith’s tale of woe in trying to exchange her UK driving license. I was expecting something similar – I have a British friend in Lagos who waited 10 months for her Portuguese license to arrive.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. My experience up to the interview with IMT was broadly like Ms Griffith’s. I arranged my face-to-face interview in Faro for late February this year. My Portuguese license arrived less than two weeks later! I suspect I may be able to claim the record for the fastest driving license delivery!

Another friend, who had his face-to-face interview in December 2022, received his licence a week or so after mine arrived. I have no idea why I was so privileged; I’m just pleased at not having to wait, and at being legally entitled to drive a car when I travel; the paper substitute license/receipt you are given at the interview entitles you only to drive in Portugal.

Mike Hill