Excess weight after the age of 50 can cause Alzheimer’s

It’s yet another reason why we should all be blending smoothies and counting calories. Lusa reports today on an American study that shows that people who gain weight in their 50s stand a much higher chance of neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s.

Researchers worked on a group of 1394 people, all with healthy brains, and tested them over a period of 14 years, at two-year intervals.

Within that group, 142 people developed Alzheimer’s.

As Lusa explains, they were the 142 fattest people in the test – and this is what caused them to develop their symptoms quickest.

As lead researcher Madhay Thamisetty explained: “These results are important because they highlight a significant amount of knowledge on the relationship between obesity and the disease of Alzheimer. But above all, they show that maintenance of a healthy Body Mass Index beyond middle age can contribute to the production of a protective effect”.

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