‘Exceptional measures’ allowing restaurants to reopen ‘will involve taking clients temperatures’

Among ‘exceptional measures’ being drawn up to ensure the safe return to business of all sectors is the requirement to take the temperatures of staff and clients in restaurants.

Expresso says the ‘measuring of body temperature’ is one of the new rules that will control entry into eateries that will have to function ‘below capacity’ in order to satisfy correct levels of social distancing.

This is the second ‘surprise’ measure to emerge in the press today – the first being the essential outlawing of ‘unsupervised’ beaches (click here).

But whereas maritime police have stressed they won’t have the manpower to control the unsupervised beaches, AHRESP (the Portuguese hospitality association) appears to have supported the idea of taking clients’ temperatures, insisting it will be down to the government to supply the thermometers and necessary staff PPE (personal protective clothing).

One of the critical areas under discussion this week, says Expresso, was cleanliness and disinfection.

“Restaurants will be subject to various rules, governing the preparation and confection of food, table service, self-service and buffets and the delivery of takeaway orders”, says the paper.

AHRESP is preparing its own ‘Guide of Good Practices’ to set out all the new demands, and has told the government restaurants will require quite substantial further ‘financial support’ if they are not to start laying people off.

As for gyms, they too are drawing up their own ‘Guide of Good Practices’ which is likely to see visits limited to one hour per session, a reduction in the use of machines, a ban on showers and bans on people working out in pairs.

Even if they are able to open under the measures proposed, gyms have estimated that they will taking a hit when it comes to revenue of anything from 60% to 70%.