Excellent hospital care in Lagos

Dear Editor,

Recently, my partner was taken very ill at home. I phoned for help and within 10 minutes an ambulance arrived.

The two medics were efficient, helpful and unfailingly positive in their approach. Ken was quickly reassured and given swift and effective emergency treatment.

He was soon on his way to hospital. Upon arrival he was rushed into emergency care and a thorough and detailed course of treatment was decided and acted upon without delay.

The service of both the ambulance crew and the emergency staff undoubtedly saved his life. 

Ken spent a further 10 days in hospital. During that time, he received the best medical care possible and soon began to recover.

All of the staff were excellent at their jobs – from the top consultants down to the cleaners who kept the hospital spotless.

Everyone was cheerful and positive and, above all, they kept the patient, and his worried family and friends, fully informed through all stages of his treatment. 

My partner returned home fully recovered and with positive memories of what could have been a very worrying and traumatic time.

I am sure the residents of Lagos and the surrounding area know what a wonderful hospital they have in their midst, but it occurred to me – in these days of complaints and litigation – that perhaps we are too often inclined towards the negative and so I thought I would highlight something very positive for a change.

The hospital buildings might be old, but the work and attitude of the staff is fresh and forward looking.

Thank you Lagos hospital for all that you have done, and doubtless will continue to do, for the community you serve.