Ex-marine stabs four people in café, killing one

A 52-year-old man is in police custody after stabbing four people, one fatally, at a café in Fermentões, Guimarães on Saturday because they were making “too much noise”.

Victim Maria José Dias, 46, died hours after the attack from her injuries.

The attacker, an ex-marine named Joaquim Ferreira, was described by neighbours as a “violent man”.

According to reports, the man had been involved in an argument with neighbours that same night and left his house with a knife in his hand.

Joaquim Ferreira went to a nearby café and, in a fit of rage, stabbed four people reportedly because of the “noise” they were making.

He fled the scene after the attack but turned himself in hours later.

A neighbour told Correio da Manhã that the man “would regularly get into arguments” and that “everyone was afraid of him”.

The son of the fatal victim was one of the other injured people and remains in hospital in Guimarães with a punctured lung.

The other two victims suffered minor injuries and have already been released from hospital.

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