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Every Secret Thing

Every Secret Thing

by Emma Cole

Both a page-turning thriller and moving love story, Every Secret Thing takes us on a quest to uncover a hushed-up murder, moving between present-day London, Canada and the dangerous streets of wartime Lisbon.

When an old man strikes up a conversation with journalist Kate Murray on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral, alluding to an unresolved murder, she brushes him aside – until he mentions her grandmother. However, before she can get him to continue his story, he is knocked down and killed before her.

Shocked and curious, Kate begins to investigate the man’s murder claim and his connection to her grandmother, a woman she thought she knew. With few people still alive who know the truth, she finds herself drawn into a dangerous quest, which takes her back to her grandmother’s mysterious wartime past and across the Atlantic, while all the while an unknown and deadly enemy follows at her heels, determined not to let the secret come to light.

Emma Cole is the thriller-writing alias of Canadian novelist Susanna Kearsley. A former museum curator, she brings her own passion for research and travel to her books, weaving history with modern-day intrigue in a way that, in the words of one reviewer, “tells the story of the past and illuminates the present.”

Available in paperback at 17 euros