Every dog’s a winner at Scruffts

A crowd of happy dog lovers and their furry friends filled the FISSUL centre in Silves last week to watch the 2004 Scruffts Dog Show. The show for non-pedigree dogs, organised by the APAA dog charity, with help from the RSPCA and Royal Canin dog food, has become a popular annual event, which helps to raise the profile of this hard working charity. Linda Pixley from the APAA told us: “Everyone has so much fun – it really is a great day to celebrate some good news about rescue dogs.”

Pictured here:

The best of show winner was David, owned by Herbert Lindner. Herbert told us he was delighted that David had won. “He’s had a lucky life. He was thrown over our wall when he was just a little puppy,” he explained. “I was with my neighbour David when I found him, so we decided to name our new dog after our friend.” David certainly looked pleased with his trophy, although he was clearly more interested in the huge sack of Royal Canin food that he won.