Everton FC boost Madeleine search

By Liz Griffiths [email protected]

English Premiership club Everton FC have launched an international t-shirt campaign to “re-energise” the search for missing Madeleine McCann.

The team travelled to Lisbon to play against Portuguese team Benfica yesterday (October 22) in a Europa league match and took with them 6,000 t-shirts for their supporters to wear.

The t-shirts were emblazoned with “We’re still looking for you”, with half in English and half in Portuguese.

Everton have been constant supporters of the campaign for missing Madeleine. One of the first images of Madeleine released by Kate and Gerry McCann following her disappearance was of the then four-year-old wearing an Everton football shirt.

Ian Ross, head of PR and External Affairs for Everton FC, told the Algarve Resident: “The football team will be travelling to Lisbon, along with 6,000 supporters, and the t-shirts have been distributed at airports with the hope that the fans will wear them. We want to make sure everyone knows that the main issue is that there is still a little girl missing. We are more than happy to help in any way we can.”

Meanwhile, hopes that United States satellite images would reveal what happened to Madeleine McCann on the night of her disappearance have been dispelled after it was revealed they were not pointing towards Praia da Luz at the time, but towards the Gulf of Cadiz where a naval exercise was taking place.


Last week, the former PR advisor to Kate and Gerry McCann, Justine McGuinness, received an apology from the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN Limited) following defamatory allegations published by The People, a Sunday tabloid newspaper owned by MGN.

Justine McGuinness brought her action solely to clear her name after a front-page article in The People alleged that she had overcharged the Find Madeleine Fund and that following an argument with Gerry McCann in the summer of 2007, she was forced to part company with the Fund.

The apology was read out in the High Court in London by her lawyer, Amber Melville-Brown.

Justine McGuinness said she did not overcharge the Fund and indeed bore many of the necessary expenses herself.  Neither was she forced to resign – she left in September 2007 to meet other pre-arranged commitments.

MGN Limited accepted that the allegations were incorrect. Justine McGuinness said: “Poor journalism does considerable harm. Particularly in this era of instant information, news must be about reporting hard facts, not fiction or tattle.”

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