Dear Editor,

Your article on euthanasia (in last week’s edition) is a topic of international interest. Only this week my sister was 77 and we were discussing our future. I will be 80 this year, both of us are of sound mind and neither of us wants to end our lives in a care home.

It is my mantra that for the last 30 years doctors have made our lives miserable saying “don’t eat this, do more exercise etc. and you will live longer”. When you do, they don’t know what to do with you!

I am a committed Christian and, as such, feel happy to have reached my “three score years and ten”. I had a wonderful celebration with all four grandchildren and reasonable health. Since then life has become increasingly lonely. My sister does not have that problem, but does not want her children to go through the stress she had with our 89-year-old mother. I too, if given the choice, would rather drop dead tomorrow than struggle through another 10 years!

I live in hope that I shall go to join my Lord and Maker in the Hereafter (where all tears will be wiped away) sooner rather than later.

I have been a widow for 10 years. Why are we kept alive for so long these days?

I suggest an online poll on the subject!

Patrícia Horta e Costa
By email

Editor’s note: Dear Patrícia, see page 2 for the result of our poll question last week.