European Parliament honours former Portuguese president Mário Soares

In commemoration of his death a little less than a year ago the European Parliament has announced its decision to honour former Portuguese president Mário Soares for his “relevant role as protagonist in the construction of the European project”.

The memorial will see one of the parliament’s main assembly rooms in Brussels named after the political monolith so often referred to as the Father of Portuguese democracy.

Co-founder of the PS party (1964), two-term prime minister and two-term president, Soares led the process of Portugal’s ‘integration’ into the EU after 40 years of dictatorship.

His extraordinary political career even saw him serving as an MEP between 1999-2004.

A date for the formal ceremony inaugurating the ‘Mário Soares assembly room’ will be announced shortly.

Soares died aged 92 on January 7 this year (click here).

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