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European bird watching weekend

PORTIMÃO CÂMARA is inviting residents and tourists to join them on guided walks along the Ria de Alvor in celebration of European bird watching weekend, October 8 and October 9.

The walks will take place from October 5 to October 8, with the objective of observing some of the 270 bird species that inhabit the Ria de Alvor, including flamingos and small coots. The câmara have described the event as an “opportunity to come into contact with the beauty of nature and the wealth of biology that, most of the time, goes unnoticed”.

This time of year has been chosen for the bird watching weekend so that people can observe the autumn migration as birds head to warmer climates for winter. They aim to record as many sightings as possible of the world’s 10,000 bird species.

The European bird watching weekend is an initiative that takes place annually in countries affiliated with Birdlife International, an organisation with the objective of motivating as many people as possible to take an interest in bird watching, as well as making people aware about environmental problems.

This year, Birdlife International’s focus is on important bird areas in an attempt to enforce extra protection in areas known to house endangered birds – there are over 4,500 important bird areas in Europe.

The guided walks will begin at 9.30am from the car park at Quinta da Rocha (next to the river) and are estimated to last two-and-a-half hours.

In addition, a bird watching session will take place on October 5, between 7.30am-9.00am in Mexilhoeira Grande, at the A Rocha association. Those interested in taking part should sign up  by calling 282 480 412.