Euromillionairess “destroys Maserati and insults truck driver”

A former cleaning lady who scooped 51 million euros in the Euromillions lottery is back in the news today for a less than edifying contretemps at the wheel of her powerful €200,000 Maserati Quattroporte.

The fashion-conscious millionairess – who shed 50 kilos after being swept to sudden wealth – came unstuck overtaking a heavily laden lorry in Ariz (Marco de Canaveses).

A car coming in the opposite direction caused her to hit the lorry and demolish a stone wall.

But far from taking any kind of responsibility for the incident, Amélia de Jesus is described as having let rip with a mouthful of invective.

“I got out to see if she wanted any help”, lorry driver José Cunha explained. “She started insulting me and tried to blame me”, he said. “She had been trying to overtake several times”.

When she finally made her move, the other car appeared.

“I saw her coming alongside, so I braked”, said Cunha. “She hit me at the front and only stopped after she’d run into the wall”.

Photos today in Correio da Manhã show a swirl of green dress as the woman is clearly remonstrating with assembled locals.

But since the accident, Amélia de Jesus has been keeping a distinctly low profile, says the paper.

She left the scene before GNR police arrived, writes CM, and thus was not given a breath-test or even questioned.

Not answering her phone or front door, it is not sure what will happen next.

João Cunha meantime says he is “desperate” as he needs the truck to work and his insurance company won’t act on the repair before the GNR report has been filed.

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