Euro MPs in Faro on Friday to debate oil and gas exploration in the Algarve

It is an event that has “not received much publicity and not many people know it is happening”, thus anti-oil group ASMAA has appealed to anyone with questions over Portugal’s position over oil and gas drilling to turn up at the debate on Friday, involving Euro MPs and public entities, at the University of the Algarve.

Scheduled for 9am on the Gambelas Campus (Building 8 – Green Auditorium), “A Europa e o Mar” will go ahead in Portuguese and involve delegates Ricardo Serrão Santos (PS), Cláudia Monteiro de Aguiar (PSD), João Ferreira (PCP) and António Marinho e Pinto – the Euro MP who changed his party allegiance once he arrived in Brussels and has since failed to get his democratic republican party off the ground.

As ASMAA explains, the event is an “opportunity to put questions to Portuguese Euro MPs on the exploration of oil and gas both on and offshore in the Algarve, and to find out where they stand”.

It is also billed as a moment that all parties concerned, from citizens to tourism authorities, businesses and conservationists may be able to tackle the subject that is dividing opinions on many levels.

Anyone interested in taking part, should email their attendance in advance to [email protected]

The meeting follows the recent signing of many new exploration contracts (see Oil drilling on land in Algarve gets green light

UPDATE: Following the meeting in Faro, ASMAA will be holding a presentation in Lagoa library at 6.30pm, in both Portuguese and English.

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