Euro MPs come to the Algarve to discuss Brexit and Fracking

Two of the region’s hottest topics are to be addressed by Euro MPs José Inácio Faria and Catherine Bearder in Portimão and Faro on Friday May 13.

The two sessions – scheduled to start at 11am (Fracking – Portimão) and 5pm (Brexit – Faro) – are open to all expats and will be in English.

For now, the locations have to be confirmed, though Faria is hoping the afternoon session will be in Faro town hall.

What is planned for both is full and frank discussions with a view to taking people’s opinions back to where they matter.

In the case of the so-called Brexit referendum, fervent remain campaigner Bearder is thought to be all for expats who have lost their right to vote being able to get it back.

Whether there is time or not to do so before the June referendum remains to be seen.

“The idea really is raise awareness and get feedback”, Faria told us.

The fracking debate, entitled: “Oil and gas exploration in Algarve – Tourism vs Oil”, is designed to gauge the level of public antipathy towards the hydrocarbon ‘free-for-all’ signed with multiple companies by the centre-right government last year (click here).

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