Eupheus International School students learn about fire safety

Eupheus International School students learn about fire safety

Last week, Eupheus International School in Loulé welcomed David Thomas MBE, BEM, president of Safe Communities Portugal, and Antonia Vignolo, a consultant in disaster management and climate change adaptation, to advise the students about fire safety in Portugal.

“At Eupheus, the health and safety of the school and wider community are of great importance,” said Head of School, Ms Penelope Best.

“They gave an extremely informative and fascinating talk. David presented some very pertinent statistics and highly valuable information about fire prevention. Antonia recounted her first-hand experience of being caught in a fire and the correct steps to take if one is ever in such a situation.”

Students, throughout the interactive talk, asked pertinent questions. David and Antonia were impressed with the students’ level of knowledge and understanding.

“We would like to thank David and Antonia for taking the time to visit our school and talk about such an important topic, providing potentially lifesaving information,” said Ms Best.