EU nonsense

Dear Editor,

Like many expats living in Portugal, I have no say in the upcoming EU referendum (as I have lived outside Britain for too long), but I have to say I am thoroughly perplexed by all the nonsense going on about it.

Of course Britain will be best off, in the long term, by leaving Europe. Europe is the biggest mess that anyone could have imagined it could become as a result of a union to make it stronger. It is more a question of who goes first.

France is already pushing for a referendum along the same lines. Spain will almost certainly follow. And anyone reading papers like the Sunday Times (Tim Shipman, last Sunday) will also be aware that next month a meeting in Luxembourg is due to consider “concrete proposals” for an EU superstate. In other words, far from influencing change from within by staying, Britain will almost certainly be sucked into moves designed to leach yet more powers from sovereign states.

The writing is on the wall. People need to wake up, smell the direction of the wind, and vote while their vote actually means something.

Bothered of Boliqueime