EU funding details to be announced in February

Details on when and how applications for EU grants can be made will be revealed by “early February at the latest”, the government has announced.

“We are in a position to present the schedule of EU-funding notices and tenders for the rest of the year by the beginning of February at the latest,” Regional Development Minister Miguel Poiares Maduro announced on January 14.

The minister said that, for the first time, applicants will be able to know exactly when and in which areas they can apply for EU grants.

Throughout the next five years, Portugal will be receiving €25 billion from Brussels as part of the country’s new EU-funding programme entitled ‘Portugal 2020’, which encompasses five regions: North, Centre, Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve.

The government has announced that the money will be ploughed into four major sectors: Competitiveness and Internationalisation, Social Inclusion and Employment, Human Capital and Sustainability, and Efficiency in the Use of Resources.

As we reported earlier, the Algarve is “bottom of the list” in the EU funding plan for Portugal as it will only be receiving 1.2% (€318.6 million) of the sum the country is entitled to. Still, it is 84% more money than last time (