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Estoi’s old cinema to be refurbished


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FARO CÂMARA is investing more than 315,000 euros in the refurbishing of Cinema Ossónoba in Estoi. The project is due to begin at the beginning of next year and is likely to be completed within six months.

The 56-year-old building ceased to function as a cinema around 30 years ago and was only used occasionally for special festivals. It finally closed down five years ago due its serious state of disrepair.

The aim is to restore the building to its former glory in order to preserve its historic and architectural value and provide the village with a much needed cultural venue. It will not function as a cinema, but will stage shows, exhibitions and various cultural, entertainment and educational events, with capacity for 400 people.

The refurbishment project will see the remodeling of the building’s ground floor, more toilets will be built in order to conform will legal requirements, the cafeteria will be enlarged and there will be an outside dining area.

The stage will be enlarged and dividing screens will be put in place in order to create two backstage corridors.

The Resident contacted the president of the Junta de Freguesia of Estoi, José Paula Brito, who said that he hoped to make the official re-opening next summer a very special occasion:

“I would like the opening event to have a distinctly Argentinean flavour as Jesus Zeferino, the builder of the cinema, grew up there. I’d like to invite the Argentinean Ambassador and the grandsons of Jesus Zeferino to the opening to join together with the people of Estoi in celebrating this new venue.”

This is an exciting time for Estoi with the refurbishing of the village’s famous Palace to create a luxury lodge already in the pipeline and the recent upgrade of the village squares.