Essential help for children’s home

This Christmas the 29 children of the Lar de Crianças Bom Samaritano children’s home in Alvor are wishing for some great presents under the tree.

However, it is essential, everyday items that are in constant demand at the home.

Technical director of the home, Margarida Castanhito, told the Algarve Resident: “Toys and games are great for the children but what we are constantly in need of is essential items and this is not just at Christmas time.”

While larger items requiring considerable investments such as computers, printers and gym equipment are needed at the home, simple and cheaper donations are always needed at the institution.

The Algarve Resident, in association with the Lar de Crianças Bom Samaritano, are asking readers to donate the following essential items to the home in the run up to Christmas.

Essential items

Cartons of milk

Bags of flour

Bags of sugar





Please bring any donated items directly to the Algarve Resident offices on Rua Visconde de Lagoa in Lagoa. For further information, please call the Algarve Resident on 282 342 936

Meanwhile, the home and the children all have a long list of needs for Christmas and ongoing projects.

Below is a wish list created by each child from the Bom Samaritano home for Christmas this year:


Alexandre (19) – Trainers (size 42), Jeans (size 46), Sweat shirt (XL), mountain bike

Vivaldo (17) – A safe, Jeans (size 42) A closed bike helmet, Digital Camera, Head phones, Gold chain, Adidas shoes (size 40/41)

Samuel (17) – Mountain bike, Nike goalkeeping gloves, Nike football boots (size 41) Nike Air Max trainers (size 41), Lacoste shirt (medium), Salsa jeans (size 40), Digital Camera, Ipod, Bodyboard, PSP

Hugo Cró (15) – Trainers (size 41), Jeans (size 16), Sweat shirt (medium), Mp4 player, a football, jewellery

Ângelo (11) – Gameboy with a football game, Mp4 player, Remote control helicopter, Trousers (size 16yrs), gloves, Mini skateboard, Watch, Sweat shirt (medium)

Carlos (14) Trainers (size 39), Jeans (size 40) Sweat shirt (medium), Fragrance, Mp4 player, A football, Jewellery

José (9) – Lego (police set), Hotwheels game, Mini skateboard, Remote control aeroplane, Remote control bike, Trainers (size 36), Jeans (age 9/10) Sweat shirt (age 9/10), Mp4 player

Duarte (13) – Mini skateboard, Mp4 player, Futsal boots, Futsal gloves, Futsal ball, Jeans (age 14),  T-shirts (small), Puma wallet, goalkeeping equipment, An 8GB pen

Hugo Miguel (9) – Hotwheels skate game, Bakugan prehistoric toys, Hotwheels ramp with cars in different colours, Mini skateboard, Remote control car, Remote control boat, Lego, Nike trainers, Digital watch, A Portugal football, Mp3 and Mp4 player.

Radu (13) – Trainers (size 38), Jeans (age 14), Sweat shirt (medium), Fragrance, Mp4 player, A football, Jewellery

Ruben Ventura (11) – Watch, Clothes (age 12/14), remote control car, Mp3 player, Mp4 player, Radio, Safe, Shoes, Trainers, Sandals, Flip flops, Slippers (all size 37), Fragrance

Ruben Correia (9) – Mini skate ramp with one min skate board, Football gloves, Hotwheels track, Trainers (size 35), Mp3 player, Toy bike, Spiderman toy, Remote control helicopter, Gameboy with games.

João Paulo (7) – Remote control bike, Remote control plane, Hotwheels track, Jeans (age 8/9), Trainers with wheels (size 34), Mp3 player, Remote control boat, Gameboy with games

Devlin (14) – Mp3 player, Toy bike, Simpsons books, A ball, Simpsons DVD, Shoes (size 44) Shirt (large), Pokemon book, Pokemon DVD, Mp4 player

Santiago (6) – Toy bike, Toy car, Shoes (size 31), Lion soft toy for sleeping, Felt tip pens, A colouring book, A donkey puzzle, Mp4 player, Mouse soft toy, Socks (size 31)

Diego (6) – Fire engine truck toy, Colouring book, Colouring pens, Shoes (size 31), Horse puzzle, Toy bike, Pencil case for pens, Mouse soft toy, Toy car


Marisa (16) – Black boots (size 39), TMN mobile phone, Mp4 player, Digital Camera, Trousers (size 38), Swatch watch, Leather jacket (medium), Adidas trainers (size 39), laptop

Mónica (16) – Shirts (large), Shoes (39), Trousers (size 40), Black coat (large), A colourful scarf, Pumps (size 39)

Vanessa (11) – Trousers (age 12), Shirt (age 12), Pyjamas (age 12), Slippers (size 36), Beads, Diary, Watch, Scarf, Shoes (size 36), A soft teddy

Patrícia (14) – Swatch watch, Black boots (size 38), trousers (size 40), Shirt (age 14), Coat (large), Slippers (size 38), Mp4 player, All Star trainers in black (size 38), scarf, Skirts (size 38/40)

Damásia (17) – Boots (size 36), Digital Camera, Mp4 player, Swatch Watch, Rings, Bracelets, Wool jumper, Leggings in various colours and patterns, scarf in violet and turquoise

Carina (15) – Mp3 player, Mp4 player, Trousers (size 40), Shirts (L/XL)m Jacket (L/XL), Radio, Shoes (size 39), Boots (size 39), Tracksuit (L), Slippers (size 39), Watch

Sara (11) – Shirt (medium), Trousers (size 38), Skirts (size 38), Shoes (size 39), Slippers (size 39), Tracksuit (medium), Hairclips, CD player, Moragos com Açúcar CD volume II

Leonor (5) – Shirts (age 5/6), Skirt (age 5/6), Shoes (size 28/29), Slippers (28/29), Hannah Montana DVD, Hello Kitty DVD, Hannah Montana boots (size 28/29), coat (age5/6), Belt, Pyjamas (age5/6)

Samanta (11) – Mp3 player, Trousers (age 10), Boots (size 35/36), Watch, Bag, Coat, Picture Frame, Beads, Morangos com Açúcar CD, Barbie doll

Tânia (10) – Shirts (age 12), Trousers (age 12), Slippers (size 35/36), Tracksuit (age 12), Skirt (age 12), Knickers (age 12), Shoes (sixe 35/36), Scarf, CD Morangos com Açúcar

Rosalinda (10) – Tracksuit (medium), Boots (size 37), Watch, Trousers (size 42), Shirts (large), Mp3 player, Slippers (size 37), Dungarees (medium), Soft toy, Pyjamas (medium)

Cátia (10) – Mp3 player, Watch, Boots (size 32), Trousers (age 8), Shoes (size 32), Hello Kitty soft toy, Coat (age 10), Shirts (age 10), CD Morangos com Açúcar

Alyssa (7), Colouring book, Colouring pens, Shirts (age 8/10), Trousers (age 8) Pyjama (age 8), Trousers (age 8/10), Shoes (size 31), Rucksack, School materials, Boots (size 31)