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Essential Algarve magazine launches “Algarve Top 100” to commemorate 100th edition

The Open Media Group, of which this newspaper is also part, has launched its 100th bi-monthly edition (December 2016/January 2017). The special edition has been launched along with a new website dedicated to a section of the magazine listing the Essential 100 top best things and places in the Algarve.

The 22-page section of the magazine and website list the Algarve’s top 10 in 10 different categories, as elected by the journalists and management of the Open Media Group. Featured categories are the top 10 Algarve restaurants, hotels, wines, bars, ingredients, made-in-Algarve products, annual events, activities,golf holes and must-visit locations.

Publisher Bruce Hawker said: “We are extremely proud to have reached this important milestone of 100 editions which we are commemorating with what we believe to be the first-ever Algarve top 100 list. I would like to thank the team at Open Media who have worked so hard to maintain the quality over the years through some very difficult times, as well as our advertisers and readers. I would also like to thank the Triple Sky branding agency who created our special front cover design and the website.”