Espiche Golf completes €150,000 improvements

Espiche Golf in Lagos has completed €150,000-worth of improvements at its course. Hopes are the overhaul will provide a “better golfing experience”.

“The main changes were made to the fairways and bunkers to improve the experience for golfers of all handicaps and levels of experience,” says Luís Rocha, general manager of Espiche Golf.

“Another considerable improvement was the construction of a short game practice area, which will complement the existing facilities at the Driving Range,” he adds.

The project also included the addition of artificial grass golf mats at the Driving Range which will allow the facility to be used all-year-round, “regardless of weather conditions that can adversely affect natural grass”.

Fencing was also placed around the course “to avoid any potential damage caused by wild boar”, with other changes including “the widening of paths for buggies in order to protect the tees and greens, the creation of a new carpark to meet the increasing demands from members and visitors, and improvements to the pump system.”

Espiche Golf opened in 2012, and made headlines last year when it became the first non-American golf club to receive the honour of ‘Clubhouse of the Year’ – a prize awarded annually by the Golf Inc. Magazine. (click here).

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