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Erectile dysfunction affects one fifth of men

ONE IN five Portuguese men suffer from erection problems, premature ejaculation or a loss of sexual appetite.

These are the findings of the largest study into sexual performance among men ever carried out in Portugal by the Sociedade Portuguesa de Andrologia (SPA), the Portuguese association of andrology.

The study questioned 1,250 men between the ages of 18 and 75, and concluded that 28.8 per cent of men suffer from some kind of sexual problem. It revealed that 15.5 per cent suffered a decrease in sexual appetite, 13 per cent had erection problems, while 11.6 per cent suffered from premature ejaculation.

Nuno Monteiro Pereira, president of SPA, said that many problems could be tackled through better diet, exercise, reducing stress levels and cutting out fatty foods. Medical problems that can cause erectile dysfunction include diabetes, high cholesterol, psychological hang-ups, cardiovascular disease and medication such as anti-depressives and anti-anxiety drugs.

“The best way to reduce the risks of erectile dysfunction is by taking the same measures necessary to maintaining good health; in other words, a healthy diet and active lifestyle,” he said.