Environmentalists warn that ‘cold snap’ has increased air pollution

With everyone in the country who has a log-powered fire stoking it up religiously to combat the cold, environmental association ZERO has sounded an alert over rising levels of air pollution.

It claims open fires have caused “very high levels” of “uninhalable particles” in just a few days.

Levels have “exceeded the limit of legislation”, says the association – suggesting the worst ‘readings’ have been taken in the north and centre of the country.

ZERO stresses that ‘closed fires’, like wood-burners, would be “much better” for people’s health, and would at the same time “improve the energy efficiency” of homes.

Meantime, the cold snap that has gripped the country since last Wednesday is finally easing off. Temperatures should be “back to normal” for this time of year by mid-week, say forecasters.