Environmentalists in Grândola

Environmentalists thwarted by Grândola municipality

Environmentalists fighting to save what they describe as a “unique treasure of dune habitats and pristine beaches” have been thwarted by Grândola municipality, which considers a private urbanisation project to be of “public national interest”. Work is due to restart tomorrow (Monday), with the Dunas Livres association pinning their hopes on a show of force on April 25. The group’s latest Facebook post says: “We are fed up with the conniving and incompetent behaviour of this municipality that constantly benefits the private interest of powerful economic groups to the detriment of its local population, respect for the law and ethics and protection of the environment. If you are as fed up as we are, come and take part in this demonstration that we want to be the biggest in front of the Town Hall of Grândola! Share with more people, bring posters with your messages!”