Environmental weekend success

Around 400 people took part in environmental activities around the Ria de Alvor on September 4 and 5, identifying more than 250 different species during the Bioblitz Alvor weekend.

Visitors of all ages took part in workshops, debates and research groups in Alvor over the weekend focusing on recording the various species of flora and fauna found in the estuary.

During the weekend, groups identified four species of mammal, 21 types of bird, 114 different species of fish and 65 invertebrate.

Meanwhile, although this is not the best time of year to identify species of flora, due to most not being in flower, 55 species were recorded while there were also 33 types of butterfly, 12 species of ants and nine different types of algae.

The event was hailed a success by organisers as it managed to encourage a wide section of society to take part in learning about the natural environment in the area.

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