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Environment-unfriendly bins

Dear Editor,

My husband and I moved to Portugal three years ago to spend our retirement in the beautiful country area of Montes Canelas, near Portimão.  We realised this was an up and coming area where building works would take place and we accepted this as something we could live with as the end result would be a quality urbanisation where we would spend many happy days.

Well, this has been ruined by EMARP, the municipal water and residues company, as just outside my property they have placed ‘Environmentally Friendly Waste Bins’ creating a noisy, smelly, rat-infested area  created by the people who use the bins – or I should say “do not use the bins”.

In their defence, EMARP send round a team of very conscientious workers who clean up really well only to have all their hard work undone by some residents of Montes Canelas who just don’t care as it is not outside their property.  

All in all this is a nightmare I just don’t know how to resolve apart from sell up and move!