Enter PURP – a new political party for Portugal’s oldies

As anyone who has lived and worked in Portugal for any time will know, the Portuguese are unconcerned about initials.

They seem perfectly content to have a health service abbreviated and widely referred to as ARS, and see no amusement at all in the decision to call a citizens’ advice bureau a BUM.

Now another group of clearly very lateral thinkers has come up with a new political party with the obscure campaign initials of PURP.

PURP will (try) to bang the drum for the nation’s elderly.

The initials stand for Partido Unido dos Reformados e Pensionistas (united party of retired people and pensioners).

Explains RTP, the new party means to change the political scenario and hopes to be ready to challenge the powers that be in the autumn elections.

To add to the spice of PURP we’re told that despite its name it actually means to represent young people, the unemployed and former fighters in the Colonial War.

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