Enter a new dimension

FROM THE moment you enter Cinema City in the new Beloura Shopping Centre, near Sintra, you can tell something is different – this is fourth generation cinema at it’s best, the most up-to-date cinema in Portugal.

With plenty of leg room and comfortable seats, you get the feeling of space in each of the nine cinemas with their vast screens. The sound quality is incredibly high tech, with screen six dedicated to showing all the action movies and screen seven known as the Scary Room, complete with surround sound that’s bound to make your hair stand on end. The Dynamic Room features seats that are connected to a computer system, so it’s seat belts fastened (compulsory) and off we go, a 15-minute Portuguese comedy film. When the film action starts, you are on a train and your seat bumps to every join in the rail track. It gets more exciting, but I won’t spoil it for those who wish to experience this new generation in cinema viewing.

Finally, I inspected the 42-seat VIP Lounge where, for 15 euros per person, you get the best in cinema seating, with electronic leg rest and, wait for it, a fully staffed free VIP only bar. The cinema foyer has all the usual drinks, sweets and popcorn and caters for waiting parents with a full café service.

Overall, this cinema has been well thought out and is well worth a visit. There is ample free parking below the cinema. Prices vary from five euros, discounted Monday tickets for 3.20 euros, senior citizens for 3.70 euros, youth card tickets for 3.70 euros, children’s 11am matinee tickets at 2.90 euros, VIP screenings for 15 euros, and tickets for the Dynamic Screen at five euros (this screen shows every half hour).