Ensure you are well covered

We are always stressing the importance of travel insurance, and now new research has pinpointed what problems you are most likely to encounter in which destination. The study was compiled from information supplied on claim forms to Norwich Union Travel Insurance and revealed the following:

• Thailand is a hotspot for food poisoning, theft and traffic accidents.

• Travellers to South Africa were the most likely to suffer violent robberies, or lose their belongings in transit.

• The Czech Republic had the highest number of claims from holidaymakers who had been pick-pocketed.

• The safest place to holiday was Ireland, followed by Belgium, Holland, Germany and France.

Dawn McMullan, travel product manager at Norwich Union, said: “The purpose of our research is not to worry tourists looking forward to their summer holidays. It’s just to make them aware of what can go wrong when they’re away from home. Our research shows that you need to take a little extra care in certain countries and, of course, make sure you are adequately covered by travel insurance.”