“Enough silence!” Young Facebookers demand action over murdered Algarve teen Rodrigo Lapa

Young people running the Facebook page that emerged after the horrific killing of 15-year-old teenager Rodrigo Lapa in Portimão nearly five months ago are upping their campaign, with a new petition entitled “Enough Silence!”

Set up on the petition24 site, the group running the “Juntos pelo Rodrigo Lapa e por todas as Crianças” page say: “We know we cannot resolve this case, but we can try. Demand answers! For this, please sign the petition.”

Set up earlier this week, it is busily amassing signatures and support, and being widely shared.

The big question, however, is, will it make any difference?

This is a tragedy that has left so many people asking questions about the determination of authorities to hunt down criminals who have left the country.

In this case, the principal suspect managed to get away from the outset, and despite the fact that police appear to know exactly where he is, nothing was done to demand any kind of hearing until a week ago (click here).

Meantime, young Facebookers calling for justice have said they have been receiving messages of support “for the fact that we are not being recognised for our work”.

Their answer is: “Do not worry about us, we don’t care. When we started this page, we never thought we would be taken seriously by you who help us day after day, by the media that contacts us, etc.

“We are a group of young people that just wishes that children didn’t suffer like so many Rodrigos.

“We know we cannot change the world, but we can take the SCREAM (sic) for help and Justice everywhere!

“We are 40,563 on this page, 40,563 hearts united, 40,563 people clamouring for justice… that makes 40,563 people who value what we are fighting for”.

And that’s enough, the youngsters conclude. “Thank you everyone.”

The petition follows a recent extremely emotional TV interview with Rodrigo Lapa’s father Sérgio who told presenter Fátima Lopes that he is still waiting for the people who murdered his son to be called to account.

Elsewhere, there is another petition demanding Justice for Rodrigo Lapa, which can be accessed via: http://peticaopublica.com/pview.aspx?pi=PT80310

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