Enough is enough

Dear Editor,

I just had to write and applaud the article written by Skip Bandele, in the August 18 edition of The Resident.

I have to agree with every word he wrote; he stripped away (regardless of any religious beliefs) the futile and ridiculous attempts of Bush and Blair’s lack of humanitarian efforts to bring to an end this tragic episode in Israel and Palestine.

Their inane words in speeches were, I presume, to try and convince us, lesser mortals, that they were actually concerned about the loss of life, homes and way of life of all the people concerned. When we know full well, they were only concerned with their benefits of resources and political power.

But, saddest of all, all of us lesser mortals have stood by, maybe even shed a tear. Why don’t we stand up and shout stop? Enough is enough. If we don’t, our world will be destroyed. What can we do to bring peace and security? If only I knew ….

Susan Day,


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