Enough is enough!

Dear Editor,

I don’t think anyone could have expected a worse start to 2016 in terms of accidents and deaths on the EN125 road.

I don’t want to go into everything everybody already knows, such as the road’s poor conditions, the amateur way the hired concession has handled the ongoing roadworks, and the number of families that have already mourned the loss of loved ones.

All I want is to add my voice to all the others that are urging the new government to – at the very least! – suspend the motorway tolls on the A22 while roadworks are in place on the EN125. The road has been chaotic in January and February, the calmest months of the year in the Algarve.

And as I don’t think anyone believes the roadworks will be completed in March as promised, just imagine what a nightmare it will be when tourists start to arrive in spring.

The time has come for the PS government – and the left-wing parties that support it – to show they are truly committed to change and want to stop the EN125 from being known as the ‘road of death’.

If not, the death toll will keep rising.

João Cruz