Enjoying the ‘alfresco life’ all-year-round

If you ask most people in the Algarve what’s the most important thing the region has to offer, one of the answers you’ll get is probably the weather. With mild winters, hot and dry summers and one of the highest number of hours of sunshine per year in Europe, the Algarve ranks high in the list of places with the best climate to live in. But even though our winters are indeed mild, it still rains, and at its peak one can’t just linger or have meals outside every day. Or can we?

Toldolanda says we can and they’ve showed us their new Terrazza Pure, a glass patio roof by Weinor. This modern cubic-style patio roof combines state-of-the-art technology with innovative design, offering the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the natural light of their patio and appreciates reliable yet modern weather protection.

Classic patio roofs are normally designed angled so rainwater can drain off. With Terrazza Pure, the pitch is integrated into the frame and is therefore invisible from the outside, whilst providing reliable drainage.

Made of extruded aluminium profiles, pre-treated with a chrome-free coating and powder-coated in the façade, it can be fitted with sun protection systems and high-quality coloured LED strips to set the right tone and an unique atmosphere.

Finding the perfect solution to extend your living space to your outdoors is no easy task but at Toldolanda they guarantee you’ll find it!

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