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Blooming with pride

Inspired by the surrounding landscape of the Algarve, it is only natural to want to create a similarly beautiful outdoor space for our homes and businesses. With a wealth of experience in garden design, construction and maintenance, Q Landscape are passionate about creating and sustaining beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces. Through a complete service of landscape creation, maintenance, treatment, Q Landscape can deal with every aspect of your garden’s needs.

It starts with concept, whatever the size or nature of a project — be it for residential or commercial clients — the Q Landscape construction team take into consideration the lifestyle and needs of each individual, combined with their expertise, to produce the garden of your dreams. Following this, your garden is kept in perfect health and condition with the help of the Q Landscape maintenance team. Able to deal with all your garden’s maintenance requirements, the team can take care of the management of turf grass, planters, flowerbeds, pest control, green waste, fertility and swimming pools.

With the increasing costs of water and its waste, Q Landscape saw the necessity to develop a specialised irrigation that strives to save water and costs for property owners. Taking all aspects of the perfect garden into consideration, their latest technology in­cludes wind direction, soil structure, water sources, shade areas and screening, so you can be sure your garden is in the best hands.

Q Landscape are a creative, solution-based team with the know-how and tech­nology to not only produce the garden of your dreams, but sustain it all year round. With an unquestionable reputation in Europe, Q Landscape proudly create thriving outdoor spaces that you will love to spend time in.

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