Enjoy a safer and greener summer

THROUGHOUT THE bathing season, Loulé Câmara is promoting two charitable campaigns, entitled Criança Segura (safe child) and Uma Lata, Um Sorriso  (a can for a smile), at the Centro Azul of Quarteira beach, with all proceeds going to children’s support groups.

The child safety campaign is aimed at raising awareness among parents of the need to keep a watchful eye on their children when on crowded beaches, where there is a risk of children getting lost.

As part of the Criança Segura campaign, identification bracelets, to be worn by children, are being sold on Quarteira beach. These bracelets, which will carry the mobile phone number and name of the adult responsible for the child, can only be removed by the use of scissors, thereby guaranteeing that they stay on during the period that the child is at the beach. Each bracelet costs one euro, an amount which is donated in its entirety to the Instituto de Apoio à Criança (children’s support institute).

Meanwhile, the Uma Lata, Um Sorriso campaign is aimed at raising awareness among beachgoers of the importance of keeping beaches clean, namely by disposing of rubbish responsibly.

Children are being asked to place their drinks cans in Papa Latas, a can crushing machine that can be found at the entrance to the beach. For every three aluminium cans deposited, a donation of 50 cents will be given to a local children’s charity and the responsible child will receive a bracelet. After collecting five bracelets, the child is entitled to a free cap, or a free T-shirt if he/she collects 10 bracelets.