Englishman caught robbing villa near Albufeira

AN ENGLISHMAN, 41, was caught burgling a home in Paderne (near Albufeira) earlier this week when, just as he was jumping over the villa’s garden wall with the loot in a plastic bag, by pure coincidence a police patrol car rounded the bend, appearing directly in front of the property. On searching the Briton, the police discovered the man was in possession of a hunting rifle and several cartridges that he’d stolen from the villa.

The burglar struck in broad daylight, probably knowing that the house was empty and that the owners were away. The man entered through a bathroom window to the rear of the property, after mounting an exterior wall.

Caught in the act, the Englishman, also apparently a resident in the area, had no option but to confess to the crime and, according to a report in Correio da Manhã newspaper, everything points to the man being a drug addict.

Worry of residents

Local residents are very concerned about the incident. António Jesus, who lives close to the house that was burgled, has told the press that just eight days earlier, his own house was targeted. “They tried to force the door but, luckily, they were unable to get in,” he said.His neighbour emphasised that he had never heard about any problems in this area, but now there appear to be “some foreigners around here” who are causing concern.