English tourist attacked in Albufeira

A 21-year old British tourist was seriously injured after being struck in the face with a broken glass in the bar area of Oura in ​​Albufeira.

The alleged attacker was detained by GNR police near the scene and was presented in Albufeira court the following day.

According to Portuguese daily newspaper Correio da Manhã (CM), the victim, who has not been named, was accompanied by three friends and apparently got involved in an incident with a woman on September 29 at about 4am.

CM reported that her friends came to her defence and that one of them broke a glass and attacked the tourist, cutting his face.

A spokesman from GNR police told the Algarve Resident: “The victim was transported to Faro hospital and was later transferred to Hospital de São José in Lisbon due to the severity of the injuries.

“He suffered injuries on his face, with severe bleeding, and had difficulties with his vision.”

The Oura bar area has no CCTV system, which many local businesses believe is a shortcoming.

The GNR police stressed that a CCTV system in that area could help prevent violence.

The installation of CCTV surveillance in Albufeira is currently the subject of a project being undertaken by Albufeira Câmara.

A spokesman from the British Embassy in Lisbon told the Algarve Resident: “I can confirm that my consular colleagues have been providing assistance regarding the British national in question.”