English septuagenarian to walk over 240kms for charity

Algarve resident Bruce Lygo, 73, will embark on a daring 240km walk in April to raise money for Encontrar Sonhos, a Portimão charity that cares for mentally-disabled adults.

The journey will begin in Santiago do Cacém on April 12 (Tuesday) and continue along the coastal nature trail Rota Vicentina until Bruce arrives in Cape St. Vincent, Sagres (pictured).

Though the Englishman has lived in the Algarve for 16 years with his wife Jennifer and already done charity walks before, this one touches a special spot in his heart.

“Encontrar Sonhos cares for Pedro, the 29-year-old son of my long-time maid. He has Down’s syndrome and needs special care, just like two other people the charity looks after,” he said.

The problem is that Encontrar Sonhos receives little to no funding.

“Once disabled people turn 18, they are no longer entitled to support. It’s sad to think that they are somewhat forgotten,” Lygo said.

Encontrar Sonhos once cared for 12 people but money problems meant they no longer were able to support them all.

Hopes are that the charity walk will give Encontrar Sonhos a much-needed boost to its finances, while also raising awareness about disabled adults who “need care but don’t receive the support that they should”.

This will be the latest charity walk Lygo attempts.

In 2013, he walked 160kms from Cape St. Vincent to his home in Foral da Larga Vista to raise funds for the Silves-based charity Castelo de Sonhos.

Meantime, anyone interested in donating, helping out or tagging along for the walk can contact Bruce directly.

282 576 512 | 936 713 885 | [email protected]

[email protected]