English as the second official language in Algarve

Dear Editor,

Can you start a debate about making English as the second official language in the Algarve region?

I think it could benefit all. English is a very important language in the EU parliament already.

Tourists get a better service if there is staff who speak English fluently. You get that kind of service already in a small scale.

The area opens up to the English-speaking world, you begin to raise a generation that speaks English fluently and they have better opportunities to get work globally. It is not a big leap!

There is an example from Finland – NOKIA, a company that took English as the official language in its internal communication.

A family-owned company can decide itself what is the language that it uses mainly in its internal communication.

There are countries already that have two or more official languages, like Sweden and Finland. 

In the long run, the whole area would benefit both economically and culturally from making English as a second official language.

It is a suggestion to debate this with people in charge of the development of the Algarve region on the whole.