Energy efficient window fitted by Casa das Janelas

Energy efficiency or security? Both!

In the winter around 25% to 30% of our heating needs are due to heat loss through the windows; whilst in the summer, too much solar radiation energy is not something you want to have inside your home. Shading the windows using blinds or shutters is a great solution to block the sun. However this will reduce the solar factor of the glass, reducing the transmitted energy, which will in turn diminish those desirable heat gains in winter. So is there a way to tackle both needs at once?

The thermal insulation of a window depends on the quality of the glass and its frame. Proper double-glazed or triple-glazed systems (with thermal reinforcement and argon) halve heat losses in the winter and effectively reduce heat gains in the summer, when compared to normal glass, in addition to reducing convection drafts inside the home. But to achieve maximum energy savings, you must also have an appropriate frame that contemplates these two different realities – summer and winter.

On the other hand, statistics show that homes with windows and doors made of fragile materials are the preferred target for break-ins, as intruders don’t like to spend too much time on the actual intrusion. Sometimes alarms, cameras and motion sensors are not enough to prevent burglars from entering. But installing quality doors, windows and gates that promote the safety of people and property, will. And if think you don’t have the budget to replace your window frames, you’ll be surprised with what a small investment can do to strengthen the security of the existing ones.

Casa das Janelas will be able to offer you different solutions that will go a long way to improve security and energy savings in your home whilst contributing to a better environment. Contact them and find out what they can do for you!

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Energy efficient window fitted by Casa das Janelas

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