Endurance rides

The first of a series of competitive endurance rides was organised by QPA riding centre at Bensafrim recently. Endurance riding is a fast growing sport and is a great way for horse riders to enjoy a little competition without the tension of the show circuit.

On this occasion, there were two classes – the first, a ‘free speed’ class in which the horse and rider must cover a set course as fast as possible, but must also pass strict veterinary checks along the way. The second class, over a shorter set course, had an optimum time, therefore horse and rider must not only pass the veterinary inspection but check their pace to return at the exact time. Winner of the free speed class was Deborah Keen with Lula and second place went to Rui Luz on Salgardinha. In the controlled speed class, first place went to Luís Ledo on Odin and second to Lia Grosso on Bubbles.

A special prize was awarded by the vet to the horse in best condition, and this went to Rebecca Mangan’s Duchess.Sponsorship was gratefully received from Oceânica Leisure and there were special prizes offered by the Duke of Holland restaurant in Luz, Koala restaurant, Torsten the Saddler and Bar Barbaro, all in Bensafrim.