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Endless events for golfing greys

Kick starting this month’s golfing agenda, the Golf for Greys (G4G’s) association held a competition at the Silves Golf Club on August 1.

The event saw Chris Dickens placed first for the gents with 36 points, Bernard Dempsey placed second with 35 points and Roger Willis placed third with 35 points.

For the ladies, Sue Goodwin came in first position with 35 points and ‘nearest to the pin’ saw Alen Delange and Janna Sauramo win first place.

On August 15 at the Palmares Golf Club, Phil Costick was placed first for the gents with 39 points, Cathal Tully came second with 38 points and Peter Palmer in third with 36 points.

Eileen Brazier with 35 points took first place for the ladies, Lynn Cook won second with 35 points, and Mary Barrett and Mark Ellerton went on to win ‘nearest to the pin’.

At the Pinta Golf Club on August 20, the group met again to see Max Casiraghi win first place for the gents with 40 points, Gus Murray was placed second with 40 points and Bill Goodwin came in third with 38 points.

Sue Goodwin then won first place for the ladies with 30 points.

In ‘nearest to the pin’, both Mary Barrett and Mark Ellerton won first place.

Upcoming events for the G4G’s association will take place on September 12 at the Palmares Golf Club, September 19 at the Penina Golf Club, Spetember 24 at the Faldo Golf Course and September 28 at the Silves Golf Club.

For more information about G4G’s and their events, please contact Lynn Cook on: [email protected].