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Endless choices with The Heat of the Moment

Gavin Stevenson-Bennett and his wife Susan from The Heat of the Moment in Tavira have extended their product range of heating solutions to now provide high efficiency convector wood burning fires.

These new products include modern insert stoves with great looks, quiet fans and warm air venting to other rooms, guillotine types suitable for room makeover projects, many with doors that open vertically and can provide water heating too. Also available are free standing high efficiency convector wood burners and smaller conventional wood burners for small rooms or houses, while finally there are high efficiency pellet stoves in a large range of sizes and capabilities for single rooms, multi rooms with ducted warm air and water heating.

Pellet stoves

Pellet stoves provide an opportunity for those living in houses or apartments without a chimney or flue outlet to heat their homes economically.

At The Heat of the Moment there are pellet stoves both technically advanced and with the good looks needed to allow them to be positioned in the living spaces of our homes without looking out of place.

Manufactured in Europe they have many of the advantages of a fossil fuel heating system but without the associated environmental damage it creates.

• Renewable source based fuel

• Easy operation with automatic ignition and start up

• Integrated temperature and timer controls

• Fans that gently distribute warm air around the room and even into other rooms via ducting, some models can even heat the domestic hot water too!

• High efficiencies and economic operation

For further information about the products offered by The Heat of the Moment, please call 281 326 551 or 968 386 896.