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Ending on a high

FIMA 2008, the International Festival of Music in the Algarve, ends on a high with a performance by the Algarve Orchestra and Spanish Orchestra Extremadura tomorrow (May 31) and a concert staged by stars of the Paris Opera Ballet on June 1.

Portimão Arena is set to be filled with dozens of instruments playing simultaneously as the two renowned orchestras play under the single baton of Cesário Costa, with solo moments from the flute, tuba, oboe and clarinet.  It promises to be “a night filled with music, art and beauty”, said António Pina, the president of the RTA, Região de Tourismo do Algarve.

It will be the first time solo dancers from the Ballet de L ´Opera de Paris will perform in Portugal in a performance expected to last an hour and a half.  António Pina said: “The body of a ballet dancer is unique and they dance with a very high degree of technical ability and an enormous amount of sensitivity.”

The Algarve festival has been entertaining audiences across the region with an assortment of musical and dance productions since April 25.  Nineteen concerts have been staged in total over the period under the artistic direction of Meastro Osvaldo Ferreira.

Beautiful locations

Various venues have been utilised in the Algarve to present recitals, chamber music and classical music, showcasing the adaptability of Algarve event organisers and allowing the public to enjoy the festival from some of the most beautiful locations.

FIMA, which is now in its 30th year, has been supported by all the local Câmaras of the Algarve as an important cultural and tourist attraction for the area and these final shows will be a fitting end to a successful festival that has involved both Portuguese performers and artists from across the world.

Tickets to see the orchestra on May 31 at 9.30pm in the Portimão Arena are available from the auditorium in Portimão and are between five and 10 euros.  For those who want to watch the ballet on June 1 at 9.30pm in the Teatro das Figuras, Faro,  performance tickets are between 18 and five euros and can be purchased online from www.ticketline.pt (Partially in English).

For further information about the performances or the festival please visit www.fima-2008.com (Available in English and Portuguese).

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