EDP already has a small floating solar energy plant on the Alto do Rabagão dam. Established in 2017.

Endesa wins first dam floating solar auction

Investment of €115 million, should start operating in 2026 

Endesa has won the first floating solar auction for reservoirs on the Iberian Peninsula, the company has announced today.

The contract involves a 42 MW connection with the right to install a solar photovoltaic energy project on the Alto do Rabagão dam in Montalegre.

For Endesa, this implies an investment of €115 million, says the company – which hopes everything will be in place to start producing energy from the plant in 2026.

This is the second contract won by Endesa in Portugal in a short space of time, says Lusa.

Endesa “recently won the tender for the conversion of Pego power station in Abrantes”, where it says it is already working on hybrid renewable technologies, storage and a green hydrogen project, involving an investment of 600 million euros.

The government also auctioned 263 MW for installation and operation of photovoltaic plants on six other dams in the country yesterday (Monday) – of which 100 MW in Alqueva, will make it the “largest floating solar project in the world,” said secretary of state for energy, João Galamba.

EDP – Energias de Portugal is understood to have obtained the right to connect a 70 MW capacity at Alqueva.

Other tenders were for 50 MW in Castelo de Bode; 33 MW in Cabril; 17 MW in Vilar-Tabuaço, 13 MW in Paradela and 8 MW in Salamonde, explains Lusa.

Bidders are expected to hear the rest of the auction results later today.

Source: Lusa