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Encouraging tourists to secure their holiday

At SandyBlue, we are constantly keeping an eye on all travel trends. In particular, guest behaviour and booking patterns are key to our sales and marketing success. In 2023 so far, we are seeing one trend really standing out.

Naturally, tourists want the very best experience from their holiday. Furthermore, the ongoing cost-of-living narrative also means that holidaymakers are being really selective regarding prices. As a result, people expect a lot more detail before they make a decision to book their flights and accommodation.

Turning insights into actions

Following these trends allows us to stay ahead of the curve and work with our owner partners to secure a full booking calendar. Thorough marketing analysis allows us to identify these customer habits, turning this into actionable insights for rental success.

Our villa rental reservations specialists were able to use these insights so that potential guests could be assured they were in safe hands. The main goal is to continue attracting new and returning guests to the Algarve. Sometimes, digital communication is not enough. So, a friendly phone call from the team allowed the guests to ask their most important questions straight away and book their Algarve getaway.

Simple actions help and it’s important to show tourists around the world that the Algarve is a fantastic choice.

Listening to customer enquiries 

The better we understand exactly what guests need, the quicker we can help them plan the ideal holiday. Our reservations specialists ensure that every aspect of the initial enquiry is included in their suggestions or proposals.

Due to this, we successfully encouraged our guests to finalise their bookings and alleviate any travel concerns. The positive uplift in bookings towards the end of the first quarter is a testament to this proactive approach.

It was interesting to see a particular increase in longer-term rental enquiries. Once again, we understand the commitment involved in a longer stay. So, we are working closely with our owner partners to get their property ready and show guests the benefits of a long stay at a SandyBlue property!

Putting the guest experience first

Property owners in the Algarve want their villas or apartments to succeed. Not just from a rental perspective, but to help families create lifelong memories. There is no better feeling than helping these guests throughout the customer journey and hearing the amazing feedback once they leave. For our team and our owner partners, this continues to be the most rewarding part of what we do.

By Joe Mountain
|| [email protected]

Joe Mountain is founder of Algarve villa rental specialists SandyBlue.
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